February 1st

Seriously though, how is it February already?

So much has happened this month, here are a few highlights.

Black Cat with Drops of water on it's face. This is the cat from my take a nap with my cat video.

If you haven’t already seen I started a new Youtube Channel, QuirkNSpite! So far I have a bunch of shorts, both reposts from other social media and some originals, as well as some originals. I have been making some meditation and background videos as well. I am constantly looking for long mixes on YouTube to just play in the background while I work, so I figured, why not make some for myself? You can find my most recent one here, Take a Nap with my Cat, though I might re-balance the audio and re-export it. TBD. I am going to try to post a new one of these videos every two weeks (I had wanted to do weekly, but I realized there just isn’t enough time.)

Why isn’t there enough time? Cause I started a new contract at Atomic Cartoons just over a week ago. I am super excited to be joining the team over there as a Production Coordinator! But I don’t plan to stop with any of my other plans. If anything I plan to blog more often, post more videos, and eventually get back on the bandwagon of prescheduling some social media posts, and finally finish organizing my rebrand. So, please subscribe and be the first to see my new (and old) videos. Cause seriously, I have 10 years of untouched archives and I *really* need to finally do something with it. And the best thing about being creative, is it makes me feel even more creative. Definitely more ideas than time in a day, or possibly a lifetime, but I am still going to try to do as much of it as I can. Just one thing at a time.

20% everything on my RedBubble Shop!

Redbubble is having a 20% off sale, so if you were thinking of grabbing some stickers, a hat, or even a new bag NOW IS THE TIME!! If you haven’t checked out my Redbubble shop yet, Check it out! I have stickers, hats, and some more affordable shirts and tights (though I can’t say the quality will be as high as the clothes on the original Flowers & Fuck Off online store. If you want a sneak peak as some of the print on demand stickers, check out these videos I posted: Stickers 1 and Stickers 2.

If you are interested in Script Supervising check out Daniela Saioni’s courses including the DIRECTOR WHISPERER TRAINING PROGRAM to discover all the ins and outs of this key position on set. Daniela taught me almost everything I know about Script Supervising, and she is an amazing teacher and human overall. She has an ever increasing catalogue of courses including topics such as Comedy Writing and building up your creative Dream Team. Not only are the courses amazing, but she has also built a robust community of creatives who actively support each other. When you sign up for one of Daniela’s courses, you’re probably gonna end up with a lot of new contacts as well as knowledge. If you are serious about joining the film industry, do yourself a favour and check it out. (More links on my Affiliates Page.)

Barrows Goldeneye photo from my January 2023 Photo gallery

January ended up bring a great month for photography, and I am hoping to invest in a full frame camera soon and hopefully up my game over all, but until then check out this months photo montage on YouTube. I also started getting some material in my Photography gallery here, so check out my January 2023 Photo Gallery Page!

I feel like I have more to say, but I also feel like I have lost 99% of readers by this point, so though I have more things to come but I’m not going to say too much yet. So I guess, you’ll just have to keep coming back?


Katteb Ai Content Writer

I’ve been playing around with this tool the last few days, mostly cause they have a Fact Checked AI writer, and I find using an AI writer really helps me get over my first draft anxiety. Check it out for yourself! https://katteb.com/en/?track=63d73225ed7d4

Headspace App

If you know me, you know I actually struggle with meditation, which is one reason I use youtube videos. But I have honestly really been enjoying the headspace app recently. Check it out for 30 days on me! https://www.headspace.com/referral/z6jb3?slug=0462d6&audio=false


I am really surprised more people don’t know about Coolors.co! If you ever need to create unique colour palettes, make it easy on yourself and check this site out. It uses colour theory to match shades and tones so you always have a balanced colour palette!


Need to make a website? Seriously, WordPress has everything you need.

Am I Covered? The Art of Visual Storytelling for Film & TV

This course is for more than just Script Supervisors. Directors, Camera people, everyone on set really should know these skills for making sure no shot gets left behind. Taught by the dynamic, would renowned, Daniela Saioni! https://comedywriting.samcart.com/referral/YbD6Ji7X/L4PXvfuvSwPcj0OD

Take a Nap with My Cat Video, Now on YouTube!!

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