No Where has been nominated for Top Indie Film Awards “No Budget Spirit” and for “Best Twist!”

You can check the full list of results here.

 No Where 



A film by Cassandra Frechette.                                     Starring: Courtney Lyons.

When you know nothing for sure, what do you choose?

When Sara wakes up, she has no memory of who she is, where she is, how she got there so how does she get out?

Co-Producers: Cassandra Frechette & Courtney Lyons.
Written & Directed: Cassandra Frechette
Starring: Courtney Lyons
Director of Photography: Carly Brenner-Hunter
Production Designer: Vanessa Mason
Camera Assistant/Grip: Andrea Hernandez
Sound Designer/Score: Steve Hiehn

Shot July 7, 2018. Toronto Ontario.  Premiering January 1, 2019 Online.


“No Where” was an Official Selection of the Lift Off Global Network First Time Filmmaker March Sessions and a FINALIST in their general March 2019 Session.

NOMINATED for Best Twist and No Budget Spirit Award for the Top Indie Film Awards.

No Where was also Screened April 24, 2019 at the WIFTV/DOC BC/Cineworks Showcase, and Director Cassandra Frechette participated in a Q&A after the screening.


Special Thanks for helping make this happen to:
Actra Toronto
Dylan Argument
Carly Brenner-Hunter
Charles Street Video
Seven Side Design
Jag Arora

Photo Cred: Vanessa Mason and Cassandra Frechette

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