Credits (ON SET)

This list is actually incomplete. And will be updated soon.

Script Supervisor – Sept – Dec 2019
TBA. (series). Netflix. 
Sea to Sea Productions. Dir. Various. Showrunner. Sue Tenney. Exec Producer. Jocelyn Freid.

2nd Unit Script Supervisor – June 2019 (1 Day)
Van Helsing (Ep 411) Netflix. Van Helsing S4 Productions Inc. Dir. Lynne Stopkewich

Script Supervisor – May 2019 (7 Days)
Van Helsing (Ep 406) Netflix. Van Helsing S4 Productions Inc. Dir Kimani Ray Smith.

Script Supervisor – April 2019
NeXT – Pilot. Fox. 
Member IATSE 891. Dir. Glenn Ficarra and John Requa.

2nd Unit Script Supervisor – March 2019
Virgin River S1. Netflix. Various Episodes
. Member IATSE 891. Main Unit Script Supervisor: Kay Metchie.

2nd Unit Script Supervisor – Jan 2019
SnowPiercer S1. Netflix. Various episodes. 
Sister Local 891. Main Unit Script Supervisor: Sandra Montgomery

Continuity/Logging – June/July 2017
Canada’s Worst Driver 13. Proper Television. Discovery.

Script Supervisor – September/October 2016
Zerby Derby S3. Breakthrough Entertainment. TVO/TFO Prod. Phil McCordic

Script Supervisor/Continuity – Feb 2014 – June 2014
Under Cover High.  General Purpose Pictures. YTV. Series Producer Mitch Burman.

Script Supervisor – May/June 2013
Close Encounters. NewRoad Media.  Discovery. Prod: Marlo Miazga. Dir. Annie Bradley

Continuity/Logging – June/July 2012
Canada’s Worst Driver 8. Proper Television. Discovery

Script Supervisor – May/June 2018
James Vs. His Future Self. 
Independent. Prod. Jonathan Bronfman, Jonas Chernick, Dir. Jeremy Lalonde.

Script Supervisor – April/May 2018
Honey Bee (Formerly Natalie).  The Road Back Productions. Prod. Sally Karam. Dir Rama Rau (Permit NABET)

Script Supervisor – July/Aug 2017
An Audience of Chairs. ON/NFLD Co-Pro. Triple M Productions/Maple Leaf Forever Films. Prod. Eric Jordan. Dir. Deanne Foley (Member IATSE 634)

Script Supervisor – March/April 2017
Christmas Inheritance. Hideaway Pictures. Netflix. Prod. David Anselmo. Dir. Ernie Barbarash (Permit IATSE 634)

Script Supervisor – Feb/March 2017
Sideboob. Sideboob Productions Inc. Prod. Michael Kessler, Dir Richard Rotter

Script Supervisor – December 2016
La Boda De Valentina (Canadian Unit). HLP. Dir. Marco Polo Constandse

Script Supervisor – August/September 2016
The Billionaire. Billionaire Productions. Prod. Michael Phillips. Dir. Jo Marr

Script Supervisor – July 2016
Extreme Means. Teaser footage. Producer/Writer/Director Marek Posival

Script Supervisor – March 2016
eHero.  LAN Productions One Inc. Prod: Frank Procopio. Dir. Joseph Procopio

Script Supervisor – September/October 2014
Stand Off. Producer Lee Clay, Eric Gozlan. Written/Directed Adam Alleca. 

Script Supervisor – June 2014
Lost and Found. Gearshift Productions. Producer Jordan Barker, Borga Dorter

Script Supervisor – October/November 2013
Happily Ever After. Paragraph Pictures. Prod David Gordian Dir Joan Car-Wiggin 

Script Supervisor – August 2012
Seek. Independent Feature. Dir/Producer Eric Henry

Script Supervisor -November/December 2018
Winter Love Story (working title: Love on the Books.) 
Hideaway Pictures. Hallmark. Prod. David Anselmo. (Member IATSE 634)

Script Supervisor – October 2018
Christmas at Grand Valley. 
Hideaway Pictures. Hallmark. Prod. David Anselmo. Dir Don McCutcheon. (Member IATSE 634)

Script Supervisor – Sept/Oct 2018
Northern Lights of Christmas (Formerly Sleigh bell Sweethearts). 
Sleigh Bells Films Inc. Hallmark. Exec Prod. Sydell Albert. Prod. Sally Karam. Dir. Jonathan Wright. (Permit NABET)

Script Supervisor – Aug/Sept 2018
Crossword Mysteries.
Hideaway Pictures. Hallmark. Prod. David Anselmo. Dir Don McCutcheon. (Member IATSE 634)

Script Supervisor – June 2018
Christmas In Love (formerly Miss Kringle). 
Hideaway Pictures. Hallmark. Prod. David Anselmo. Dir Don McBrearty. (Member IATSE 634)

Script Supervisor – November 2017
My Secret Valentine.  Hideaway Pictures. Hallmark. Prod. David Anselmo, Dir. Bradley Walsh, (Member IATSE 634)

Script Supervisor – October 2017
Christmas Encore. Hideaway Pictures. Hallmark. Prod. David Anselmo, Dir. Bradley Walsh, (Member IATSE 634) 

Script Supervisor – September 2017
Christmas in Angel Falls. Hideaway Pictures. Hallmark. Prod David Anselmo Dir. Bradley Walsh, (Member IATSE 634)

Script Supervisor – May/June 2017
Home for the Holidays. CP Productions Inc. Hallmark.  Producer Rob Vaughn, Marek Posival

Script Supervisor – October 2016
Sound of Christmas. CP Productions Inc. Hallmark. Prod Rob Vaughn

Script Supervisor – June 2016
Night Before Halloween. Blue Ice Pictures. Syfy. Dir Sheldon Wilson.                  

Script Supervisor – April 2016
High Rise Rescue. CP Productions Inc. UP Network & Superchannel. Dir/Prod: Rob Vaughn

Script Supervisor – September 2015
12th Day of Christmas CP Xmas VI. Hallmark. Producer Rob Vaughn, Marek Posival. Dir. Harvey Crossland

Script Supervisor – August/September 2015
Christmas Inc. CP Xmas VI. Hallmark. Producer Rob Vaughn, Marek Posival. Dir. Johnathan Wright

Script Supervisor – August/September, 2013
My Daughter’s Nightmare. NB Movies Inc. ReelOne Entertainment. Lifetime
Prod: David DeCrane. Dir: John L’Ecuyer

Script Supervisor – July 2013
Sorority Surrogate. NB Movies Inc.  ReelOne Entertainment. Lifetime Original. Prod: David DeCrane. Dir John L’Ecuyer

Script Supervisor – December 2015
Slasher Digital (360 for Oculus Rift). Shaftsbury. Dir. Jared Pelletier.

Script Supervisor – April 2013
Mind Body Change. CFC New Media Lab. Prod. Ana Serrano Dir. Lance Weiler                                                       

Script Supervisor – August 2016
Carmilla Season 3. Smokebomb. Dir. Spencer Maybee Producer Steph Ouaknine. 

Script Supervisor – October 2015
Inhuman Condition S1. Smokebomb. Prod: Steph Ouaknine, Dir Jared Pelletier

Script Supervisor – May 2015
Carmilla Season 2. Smokebomb Ent. Dir. Spencer Maybee Prod. Steph Ouaknine.

Script Supervisor – March 2015
Mslabelled Season 1. Smokebomb Ent. Dir. Zoe Robyn, Producer Jay Bennett

Script Supervisor – August 2014
Carmilla. Smokebomb Ent. Dir. Spencer Maybee Producer Steph Ouaknine. 

Script Supervisor – March 2013
Inhuman Condition. Pilot. Smokebomb Ent. Dir. Laurie Lynd. Producer Jay Bennett 

Script Supervisor – September 2012
Unlikely Heroes. Smokebomb. YTV. Dir. Kelly Harms. Prod Jay Bennett 

Script Supervisor – December 2016
The Drop In.
Foundry Films. Prod. Pricilla Galvez, Dir. Naledi Jackson

Script Supervisor – November 2011
Free Door. BravoFACT. Dir. Michael Schmidt. Producer. Jonathan Schwartz.

Script Supervisor – October/November 2011
Fading, Cul-de-Sac. Temple St. City Life Film Project. Prod. Tara WoodburyStudent directors

Script Supervisor – October 2011
Spin the Barrel. CFC. Dir. Svjetlana Jaklenec. Prod. Laura Perlmutter.             

Script Supervisor – September 2011
Welcome to Rio. BravoFACT. Dir. Patrick Sisam. Prod. Laura Notarianni.            

Script Supervisor – November 2010
One Night Only, The Country. CFC. Dir. Paul Fox, Sean Frewer. Prod. Geordie Sabbah.

Script Supervisor – March 2010
Kill Brass CFC. Dir Michel Kandinskv. Prod. Courtney Graham, Melanie Windle.

Script Supervisor – February 2010
Ready for My Close Up Actor Exercises CFC. Prod Melanie Windle. Various Directors.

Script Supervisor – October, November 2009
People Garden, Sight Unseen, CFC. Producer Jordan Gross. Various Directors.

Script Supervisor – March 2009
Man V. Minivan. CFC. Prod. Jordan Gross. Dir. Spencer Maybee



Naomi – A Stanger Place (short) – 2007
Dir. Vanessa Mason.


Director of Photography – November 2008
It’s My Party. Independent Short. Dir. Amanda Lo.

Focus Puller – February 2008
LAL “Wasteland” Music Video. Prod. David Fernandes.

First Camera Assistant – December 2007
Texas Road, Peerless Pictures/Kickstand Prod. Prod Mohummad Peer, Jeff Nadalin


LSP – 2015-2017
Helie Film Support.   Various Productions.

General Office Help – May 2017
3 Bird Media.

Production Assistant – July 2014
Food Truck Face Off.  Peace Point Entertainment

Program Assistant – September 2013
Canada’s Walk of Fame. Insight Productions. 

Production Assistant – April- July 2013
Meet The Family. Frantic Films.

Program Assistant – March 2013
Canadian Screen Awards. CBC.

Production Assistant – September 2012
Last Car Standing. Proper Television.

Production Assistant – July 2012
Love Trap. Tricon Films.

Production Assistant – April 2011
Arctic Blast. Reshoot. Bluemoon Communications.

PA/Audio Playback – August 2008
Music Video “I Guess” Jessie Farrell. 604 Records/Universal Music Can.

Casting PA – July 2008
Income Properties. RTR Media. Producer Karen Walters

PA/Grip – June 2008
Kismet. Independent. Dir. Rajeesh Bajaj.

PA/Grip – June 2008
“Dinner” Commercial Rogers Commercial

Camera Assistant/PA – June 2008
Hot Neighbourhoods (Pilot) RTR Media. Dir. Shannon McKinnon

Set Decorator/PA – March 2008
Fantasy745 SableFilms    Dir. Ada Vaughan.

Production Secretary – September; February 2008
RTR Media Inc. (MO4, MOBE, IP, IBP) PM: Nanette Basic

Grip – January 2008
Sayaw, Short, Independent. Dir. Dean Vargas

Production Assistant/Production Coordinator – 2008-2011
Hot Docs Film Festival, morning shift. Supervisor: Rhonda Costas.

Craft Services/Continuity – September-November 2007
Ghost Trackers III, CCI Entertainment.  Producer Jim Corston / Chris Gudgeon.         

Production Assistant – August 2007
America Wild and Wacky; Ep. 7, Big Fish Ent/Smithsonian TV. Prod. Meg Farrage.

Transcriber – December 2017
MasterChef Season 5.  Proper Television.

Transcriber – July 2016
Canada’s Worst Driver 12. Proper Television.

Transcriber – 2014-2015
Blood, Sweat and Tools 1.
Proper Television.

Transcriber – April-December 2013
Come Dine With Me Canada.  Proper Television. 

Transcriber – March 2012- January 2013
Come Dine with Me Canada, Come Date with Me Canada. Proper Television.

Transcriber – Fall 2012
Come Date With Me. Proper Television.

Office PA/Transcriber – November  2011
Curious and Unusual Deaths. New Road Media. Producer. Marlo Miazga

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