Lift-Off Sessions March 2019 Official Selection!

Hey Everyone, we have some great news to share!

“No Where” is an Official Selection for the Lift-Off Global Network March 2019 Session. BlkLaurelsSessions.png“No Where” will be available on Vimeo VOD from Monday, March 18th through to the end of the next Sunday.

The 1st round of this competition is open to the public to vote, so please keep an eye open for future updates and viewing links!

Fingers crossed. Thanks so much to my awesome crew who came together to help me make this possible.

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Finally Claimed my IMDB page

I just claimed and updated my IMDB page, so hopefully it doesn’t take them too long to approve my credits. That was way overdue. You can always check out my list of credits here as well!

Next steps here in Vancouver are more networking and rewriting a short script I want to shoot by the end of the year, or next summer at the latest. Fingers crossed for lots of good news in the future!

All the Best.

Good News, Marching Forth

I am excited to announce that as of March 4th, 2019 my transfer to Local 891 has gone through and I am now a full member of Local 891 in British Columbia.

I am currently available for long term or daily calls.  Looking forward to seeing you all on set.


I have also added an availability section to my website ( though on a day to day basis the IATSE database will most likely be the most reliable if you are looking to hire me for dailies or ASAP calls.


In other good news, An Audience of Chairs, which I had the privilege to work on back in 2017 is getting a limited theatrical release across Canada tomorrow at select Landmark Cinemas and I just bought tickets.  ( )  I am super excited to finally get the chance to see this beautiful film myself and really hope the limited release does so well they get an extended run. Fingers Crossed! And so many congratulations so Deanne Foley, the director, who was an absolute pleasure to work.

Til my next update.


IMDB and other updates

It’s official, my short “No Where” now has a page on IMDB. There’s not much on the page that has been approved yet, but it’s there and I’m listed as a director! Check it out.

In other good news, we have started submission to some film festivals. Not sure if anything will come of it, but fingers crossed.  We have also started setting up some social media for the short. We now have a Facebook page, and “No Where” will be coming soon to Twitter and Instagram. Keep an eye here or on the Facebook page for those.

Things continue to go well in Vancouver, and I am looking forward to when I can share some of my other exciting updates and milestones.

Go Team!

Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse

We were lucky enough to have a clear sky and an unobscured view up until the Zenith. So I set up my camera on the balcony and got some footage. I threw together a small edit, speeding up the footage about 1200%.  I got a few pictures of the red moon but I am still sorting through and coming up with a watermark for photos I am going to be posting.

In similar news, I am setting up a basic page on my website for the photography and videography I do occasionally. Once I get some photos with a water mark I will get a link posted for that.  If you want to check out any past videography (live shows, fire, etc) you can check me out at

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The Transfer to BC

I am currently standing by on call for IATSE 891 Script Supervising calls as a Sister Local, and as far as I know my transfer card is in the mail.

I have a new phone number, so if you need to contact me and have old information send me an email (unchanged) or mosey over to my Contact page and send me a note requesting my updated info.

I am looking forward to continuing to work with IATSE out here on the Wet Coast.

Movie Poster From Seven Side Designs

Yesterday, Vanessa Mason of  Seven Side Designs ( released the awesome new poster for “No Where”.  Vanessa is not only our poster designer but she was also our production designer/art department, and on set stills photographer. She also released a set of BTS photos you can link to below.

For more information on “No Where” check out To Watch “No Where” check out

Along with production designing the short film "No Where" directed by Cassandra Frechette I was also on-set stills photographer. Here are a few of the behind-the-scenes photos #adoorinaforest

Posted by Seven Side Designs & Photography on Wednesday, January 2, 2019


First of all, I have officially landed in Vancouver, BC and am on call with IATSE 891 for Daily or longer Script Supervisor Gigs. And as excited as I am for this new chapter, there is even more exciting news:

“NO WHERE” Directed by myself, and Co-Produced with my star, Courtney Lyons, is available to view as of today, January 1st, 2019.

top of hill MCU.jpg
Courtney Lyons in “No Where”

We filmed in one day back this summer while I was in Toronto. Also, so much thanks to the the talented Carly Brenner-Hunter who came up on dry land long to enough to be the DP to help bring this to life on screen. You can watch the video here: For more on the production check out Keep an eye open for some for some possible film festival entries in the near future.


2018 ended on an extremely high note for me and I can only hope that 2019 continues this thread of successes and accomplishments.

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