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DECEMBER 19, 2018
My short film, “No Where” will be going live January 1, 2019 on Vimeo. Stay tuned for the link.


DECEMBER 18, 2018
Finishing up a successful year here in Toronto. My short film is going to be released soon and I am a few days away from moving to Vancouver, BC. It’s been a blast, Ontario, but it’s time for Oceans and Mountains.  Applied as a Sister Local to 891, and just waiting to see how that calls. I will be available for Daily Calls in Vancouver as of January 1.


JULY 24, 2018
Editing is coming along on my short. Calling in for dailies for the rest of the July in Toronto, so send me a message if you need someone. Waiting to confirm a show in August in Northern Ontario and looking for bookings beyond that in the fall.


JULY 4,  2018
Location scouting done, and deep into prep. So much to do. Still debating between a few different titles for my short. Gonna be announcing crew and cast on Instagram and Twitter each day leading up to production, so keep an eye on @candddragonfire on Twitter and @ashthemagicdragon on Instagram!


JULY 2, 2018
Hey all, Belated Happy Canada Day!

It’s been a strong start to the year, I just finished up a stint of 3 projects back to back in Northern Ontario. Next up for me, I am producing and directing a short this July, check back for updates and more information on that.

In the meantime, I’m still looking for dailies and short projects to fill up my July after the 8th and then for any length/format projects as of September and beyond. Get in touch with me via my contact page for booking inquiries.



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