March 2023 – Winning Photo, Sales, and more!

Hey Friends!

How is it March already? I feel like I blinked and February was over. So sadly, I didn’t manage to get out for a photo walk this month, and I really didn’t get much posted on social media BUT that doesn’t mean things haven’t been happening behind the scenes/screens. I have been dedicating a lot of time this month to preparing a grant application, settling into my new day job (I love it so much) and planning a big update for April. So, stay tuned to hear more about all that! (Except the job, NDAs and all).


Surf Scoters slashing around as they hunt for lunch. Winning Photo from the CPAWS #IMPAC5OceanFest Photo Contest.

First of all I am super excited to announce I won CPAWS #IMPAC5OceanFest Photo Contest with one of my favourite pics from January! I loved watching these Surf Scoters splashing around in Stanley Park when I was able to get out there back in January! This is actually the second photo that I have had win one of their contest, after I won a random draw prize in their Nature’s Bubble Contest a couple of years ago. I never really though about it, but I guess I can call myself an award winning photographer now. Ha!

If you haven’t heard of CPAWS, they are the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and is one of Canada’s oldest non profit conservation groups. I pretty much grew up in the woods and and have a lot of respect for the wild, and truly value the word of conservation groups like them. You can learn more about CPAWS BC and they work they do by checking out their about page and follow them on Instagram! I hope I can find more ways to support them in the future.


Offer summary for the  FROM SCHTICK TO SCRIPT Winter 2023 Program

For anyone needing a boost to kick their own ass into making that project/writing that script you have in mind, the amazing Daniela Saioni is having a sale on her FROM SCHTICK TO SCRIPT Winter 2023 Bundle Offer!

The discount is only valid until March 6, 2023.

So you have a little bit of time for that inner debate, but don’t delay! I have taken several courses with Daniela over the years and you are absolutely doing yourself a favour by taking the opportunity to learn from her! And she has more than just comedy writing courses including script supervising and scene coverage that are useful to just about anyone who works on a film set (and to be honest the comedy courses can be applied to other genres other than comedy too).


I have some new designs up on my REDBUBBLE Store! And new products, including mugs and bags! But what is probably more exciting, and more likely for you to be excited about THERE’S A SALE GOING ON RIGHT NOW!!!

Not only is it Redbubble’s Birthday Month, it’s also

MY Birthday Month!

So, if you wanted to buy but were hesitant to spend, now is the time!!!!! So check it out now at!

I am going to have another small announcement about my birthday in a couple of days, but that is less for this website and more for social media. (So, if you’re interested but not already following me, *hint hint, nudge, nudge*).

I also am making some changes to the Flowers & Fuck Off soon, but hopefully only for the better. Patterned clothing and fabrics are going to move to my new artist store on the QuirikNSpite Store on the Art of Where website. Everything that was on FFO can be found there, plus a few things I hadn’t gotten around to posting. Not only that but…


Yes, this means less profit for me, but I also want to make my designs more accessible! Either way, check it out today!

QuirkNSpite on YOUTUBE

If you aren’t following me on YouTube yet, I forgive you, I’m still building the content for that plan. But check out what I have up there already, cause I am going to start posting weekly in April. (Yes, quite the challenge for someone with ADHDCore vibes who has trouble doing anything consistently, but that is the power of scheduling!) Until the bigger content hits, join me for funny reels, dad jokes, my cat and some of my favourite memories on #TBT.

A little memory for #TBT. I also have my short film No Where now on YouTube, and I really want to thank my co-producer and lead actor Courtney Lyons, who was going through so much at the time of filming this, and continues to be one of the strongest women, and role models, I have ever met. If you haven’t heard of her before, check her out on IMDB or check out her small business ThatZapGirl.


I feel like I had something else to add but the day is almost over and I can always write more. I have a few projects on the horizon I am really excited for. It feels good to have time to just create. This also means it’s going to be a bit quiet for most of March from me, but I hope to be coming back strong for Q2.

❤ ❤ Til next time. Hopefully it won’t take the whole month for me to post again.


BC SPCA Wildlife in Focus Photography Contest

Trout Lake Ducks, shot on Iphone, Summer 2021
Trout Lake Ducks, shot on Iphone, Summer 2021

So, I did a thing!

I entered a lot of photos in this Wildlife-in-Focus contest for the BC SPCA. Currently out of 1357 entries my photos rank:

Avian Attitude 84/1357:
Heron Scratches an Itch 124/1357
Duck Dive – 1337/1357:
Trout Lake Ducks – 1339/1357:
Eagles Leaping Off Point – 1355/1357:
Winter Bunny 1356/1357
Crow Bros 1357/1357 –

Votes by Donation $1/Vote. All donations are tax deductible and go to support the BC SPCA! Find more information here:


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