One year ago today, after 6 days of driving across the country and a few days visiting my family in the middle, my boyfriend Steve and I arrived in Vancouver and took got the keys our new apartment in East Van. With no furniture, minimal clothes, a cat, a Sister Local Membership for IATSE 891 but no guarantees for work for me, we set about setting up our new place, exploring the city and beginning the search for work.

The new year started with a bang and Steve and I entered the new year with a certain amount of hope and hard to suppress optimism. We took advantage of our free time, exploring the city and nearby hiking areas. Both of us were thrilled to fine nearly endless hike options within 45 minutes of our new home, though we quickly learned that the scale of trail difficulty levels varies greatly between Ontario and BC. That was a bit humbling. It was also a bit shocking at first to see such a contrast of the bright green old growth trees and the pure white snow.  Now, I find it novel.  I will probably be just as obnoxious with my photos of Cherry Blossoms this year while the rest of the country is still in deep freeze. (Sorry, not sorry.)

Our first month began the search for work. Trying to find a way to make myself known, making myself known and getting dailies with the union were my main goals and I really didn’t know where to start after reaching out to the union. I kept my phone ready and my eye on the Facebook groups. Steve and I had an unofficial bet on who would get work first.. I didn’t expect to get my 1st daily call from the union before the end of January, only days before Steve was fielding offers from various companies. I was understandably thrilled. Driving to set that 1st morning (afternoon) and hearing Google Maps directions telling me “Continue Straight towards Hope,” I couldn’t help but laugh thinking how much that matched my mood at that moment. It still makes me smile every time I’m driving east. From there I got a few more dailies before being welcomed by the Local Script Supervisors as a Full Member of IATSE 891. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone who reached out and welcomed me into the fold, the member who took me to coffee, gave me the low down and so, so many opportunities over the year.  This year I got to work on a Pilot, daily on shows I loved the content for, am so excited for, I got to learn from so many different people and work with some of the most welcoming, fun and respectful crews I have ever seen. I got the chance to interview for several series and to my surprise and glee, hired on to work as the Script Supervisor on a series. It was an amazing experience all around and I couldn’t have asked to be part of a better team for this huge step in my career. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to work with the entire cast and crew again at some point.

The year wasn’t all work or sitting by the phone, glaring at it as if it mocked me when it didn’t ring with work. Steve and I got to explore a little taste of so many places. With so much to see we haven’t had a chance for a repeat hike or vacation yet, as much as we’d love to see more. From our small taste of the island and sunshine coast, to our sampling of various music festivals, the local culture, Steve and I both agree we’ve never felt more like we’re exactly where we should be. There are things from Ontario I miss, people, places, things (shwarma is a seriously untapped market in Vancouver) but it’s been my most successful year by far and I’ve never been more excited about what the future holds!

So, goodbye to 2019. I got to end the decade with the best year of my life so far. And, Cheers to 2020 and entering the new decade riding this tide of optimism and good fortune with gratitude and pride.

All the best,



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