Busy But With Some Good News and Not So Great News

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, been keeping busy on set this past month with work on various shows, started development for a 2nd short film and got some news from a film festival which I will be officially announcing next week.

The Good news is a booked a show at the end of June into the start of July. Check my AVAILABILITY page to see what dates I am free if you are looking for a Scripty and want to book me.

The not as great news from the blog title refers to the MiTribe short film fund. Sadly, we didn’t move forward to the 2nd round. But that is not going to stop up. Next up we are looking for other opportunities for any funding and if I have to, I’ll pay for it out of pocket again. (Though I really hope I don’t have to.)

Still working on slowly improving my kit on set, and loving my job more than ever!



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