Kit Upgrades And Other Updates

I am super excited to add the BlackMagic Design Ultra Studio Mini Recorder and Freak Show HD 2 camera switcher, along with this light and mobile Music Stand and accessory shelf to my kit. Now I can stream the images directly to my computer for screen captures.


As much as I love my old, heavier and larger table I can’t deny how awesome it is to be able to carry this one with one hand. My only issue with using it is how small the surface area on the top is. Hopefully the little shelf I just added makes up for it.

I also got a few new sets of multicoloured pens that I am stoked to use (they write so nice!) Anyone who has worked with me will tell you I use a lot of different colours in my notes, so having 20+ new unique shades and ink textures  that I can easily distinguish is going to make me very happy on set.

Next planned upgrade (hopefully by the end of the year) will be an IPad holder attachment and my first ever IPad. I have been using Android tablets for years to line scripts and take notes on set but am finally admitting to myself that 90% of the apps and tools I want to use, and are good enough for regular use, only exists in the realm of Apple Products.

For now, I am still using my Macbook Air with Script E Multi-unit for most shoots, but I can do custom digital paperwork or old fashioned Pen and Paper if that’s what production/the editors want.



I currently wrapped my first Pilot here in BC. Had a great time and I really hope that the show gets picked up so one day I can see what happens next. I have been loving working with the crews out here in Vancouver, it’s great working with people who care about each other and the filmmaking process. Can’t wait to get out on set again.

I am also seeking producers and collaborators for my 2nd short film, which has actually been in development since before No Where. So far I have found a co-writer and potential actor and have started meeting with potential producers to add to the team. With the MiTribe funding deadline coming up the script is my main focus. I am more than ready to get this story out of my head and ultimately onto the screen.

‘Til next time…


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