FINALIST - The Lift-Off Sessions - March 2019.jpgGreat News everyone! No Where was a FINALIST for the Lift Off Global Network March 2019 Sessions! We are still fighting for a place in the #FirsttimeFilmmakerSessions that is available on VOD until March 31, 2019.  #supportindiefilm this week and rent the 100+ films part of this festival. And don’t forget to vote for your favourite 2!

In other news, I have started my search for a co-writer and producer to help me make my next project happen. I have a couple of meetings scheduled in the next week, can’t wait to start! If you are interested in working with me send me a note through the Contact page and introduce yourself. I am looking to expand my roster of all crew positions since I left most of my talent pool back in Ontario.

Happy filming all!

#liftofffilmfestivals #liftoffglobalnetwork #womeninfilm #hirethesewomen #liftoffsessinsmarch #indiefilm #shortfilm


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