Good News, Marching Forth

I am excited to announce that as of March 4th, 2019 my transfer to Local 891 has gone through and I am now a full member of Local 891 in British Columbia.

I am currently available for long term or daily calls.  Looking forward to seeing you all on set.


I have also added an availability section to my website ( though on a day to day basis the IATSE database will most likely be the most reliable if you are looking to hire me for dailies or ASAP calls.


In other good news, An Audience of Chairs, which I had the privilege to work on back in 2017 is getting a limited theatrical release across Canada tomorrow at select Landmark Cinemas and I just bought tickets.  ( )  I am super excited to finally get the chance to see this beautiful film myself and really hope the limited release does so well they get an extended run. Fingers Crossed! And so many congratulations so Deanne Foley, the director, who was an absolute pleasure to work.

Til my next update.



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