Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse

We were lucky enough to have a clear sky and an unobscured view up until the Zenith. So I set up my camera on the balcony and got some footage. I threw together a small edit, speeding up the footage about 1200%.  I got a few pictures of the red moon but I am still sorting through and coming up with a watermark for photos I am going to be posting.

In similar news, I am setting up a basic page on my website for the photography and videography I do occasionally. Once I get some photos with a water mark I will get a link posted for that.  If you want to check out any past videography (live shows, fire, etc) you can check me out at

MUSIC: Comfortable Mystery 1 – Film Noire by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (…) Source:… Artist:

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