First of all, I have officially landed in Vancouver, BC and am on call with IATSE 891 for Daily or longer Script Supervisor Gigs. And as excited as I am for this new chapter, there is even more exciting news:

“NO WHERE” Directed by myself, and Co-Produced with my star, Courtney Lyons, is available to view as of today, January 1st, 2019.

top of hill MCU.jpg
Courtney Lyons in “No Where”

We filmed in one day back this summer while I was in Toronto. Also, so much thanks to the the talented Carly Brenner-Hunter who came up on dry land long to enough to be the DP to help bring this to life on screen. You can watch the video here: For more on the production check out Keep an eye open for some for some possible film festival entries in the near future.


2018 ended on an extremely high note for me and I can only hope that 2019 continues this thread of successes and accomplishments.


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